Full Stack Panel Builder

CRUD Builder - Chart Builder - Database Manager - Language Editor and more..

  • Online SaaS Project Builder
  • Downloadable project Codes with Codeigniter 4
  • Drag&Drop Design

What Best For you

Build your panel with your database design. Relational data, charts, authentication, subscription, mail system and more. All you need in one tool. Build and download your project


With Drag&Drop, Create multiple page and form for each module.

Chart Manager

Create graphical analysis charts for each CRUD using am4charts

Database Manager

Manage your ownn database table. Create relation between them


Authentication system with your database table. Admin, user, member etc.


Subscription system with payment and invoice system.

Bulk Email

Create bulk mail system with your own tables.

Relational Tables

Auto created relational datatables and widgets.

Sub Table

Create Sub tables with Datatable.net

CodeIgniter 4

With Power Of CodeIgniter 4 and PHP 7, clean and fast code generator

Remote Database

Use existed project database, without changing your program.

Best choose for ERP software

CRUD4 is designed for the build ERP without coding. If you need coding, well documentation is ready with Codeigniter 4

Start Point of Your Project

Build your huge software process in hours.

Invoice and Payment

Ready to use Invoice and Payment system. All need about accounting.

Multi Panel Builder

Manage your relatinal panels like adminpanel, companypanel or userpanel together.

What Customer Love Most

Auto created login and registar pages. Template System. Credit Card Payment, Bulk Email, Charts, Subscription and more then 30+ well know widgets

Just focus on your business.

Language Editor

Create Multi Language Panels with lang editor

Responsive Design

All bootstrap 4 capabilities

Safe & Secure

CSRF, CSP, Data Validation etc. All known web protection


DropZone.JS, select2js datatable.net and more..

Choose a Plan

You can pay as much as you used. You can pay via Payoneer



$30.00 /Month

  • Unlimited codemodule
  • Unlimited datatable
  • Analytics
  • Support



$200.00 /Year

  • Unlimited codemodule
  • Unlimited datatable
  • Analytics
  • Support

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